Angela Saxby

Angela got her start teaching Ukrainian dance to 4-year-olds when she was just 13! Since then, she's used her ability to create connections on stage, in classrooms, as a board member, and throughout schools. She's passionate about creating entanglement between family, friends, career, and health. Check out her blog at

Jenelle de Jesus

Jenelle was inspired to pursue a career in education through her love of travel, discovering new places and hearing stories from people around the world. With coffee in hand, her day is filled playing and learning alongside an incredible group of students and educators. Creating meaningful connections has played an influential part in her life, personally and professionally, and she believes that it is those connections that will change the world in an incredibly positive way.

Marcelle Poulain

Marcelle is in her fifth year teaching at the elementary level with a focus on French Immersion instruction. Currently residing in a small mountain town, any free time is spent outdoors skiing, biking and running. She is constantly inspired by the people in her life who are leading positive changes in the world.

Derrique DeGagné

Derrique is a theatre artist turned arts educator turned curriculum consultant dabbling in design thinking. Her passions include spending time with her amazing family and beautiful friends, building meaningful connections within and between the arts and education communities, and learning and growing alongside these compassionate and courageous women!

Rochelle Popoff

Rochelle stumbled on her love of teaching through sport at the age of 17 she had coached basketball, volleyball, swimming and figure skating. Rochelle is inspired by collaborations and learning environments and believes when the two of them are intertwined a harmonious group flow happens. She describes her time with her friends and family as full of adventures and trying new experiences.